Our history

Azalea Bed and Breakfast born from the will, the commitment, the enthusiasm and the seriousness of the family that leads it and who built it with love brick by brick, piece by piece, day by day with great passion. 

The B & B is cared for in every small detail with all the comforts, to offer each guest a place to rest, take refuge and spend pleasant moments between a tour and the other or for a business trip. 

Furnished with taste and simplicity, with all the comforts for a relaxing stay for couples, friends, families.

Azalea Bed and Breakfast is a small, but "big" place where you can leave a small piece of your heart and bring home a precious memory. 

this name for what symbolizes the flower. "Especially in Eastern countries, it represents the figure of the most important woman for every human being, that is, her own mother From this point of view the Azaleas symbolize, therefore, the purest love that exists To this symbology, there are two other terms closely linked to the figure of the woman-mother: femininity and temperance.Mother, therefore, is universally considered to be the bearer of both these vir temperance is the dowry that is handed down from each mother to their children to help them to live with serenity the trials that in the future life will present to him. In addition to this meaning, this flower also assumes the wish for those who are preparing to face a decisive and important test: in fact, the term of fortune is also associated with the Azalea flower. "So love and luck ... what we wish to all of you 

[... dedicated to our daughter]